VOGUEIN means “get in fashion”:
We are going to bring other accessories such as matching handmade ladies sandals and jewellery and we are bringing it all under the umbrella of our brand “VOGUEIN” which means “get in fashion”.
Our retail business:
SAMMUNDRI Gen. Trd. LLc. is a Dubai based company and is the sole owner of “VOGUEIN”. We have been supplying many of our fine products to retailers in U.K, Germany and North America already since many years. Now we are having our own retail business in Dubai’s most prestigious shopping location in Souk Al Bahar, the Dubai Mall.
Our Ladies bags and purses are handmade with high standards of manufacturing and we use crystals, Jeko crystals, various beads, stones, Swarovski and many other beautiful pearls according to the design, with leather, chiffon cloth, Royal Silk along with various other materials as base. Hence we have achieved highly appreciate able results from our sale.